Photo Tour: Henry W. Coe State Park
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The Short Cut
The section of Hobbs Road between the Middle Fork of Coyote Creek and the
junction with Blue Ridge Road has long been known as "the Short Cut."  This
road is extremely steep, climbing 1500 feet in about 1.3 miles.  This is an
average grade of almost 22%, and since some brief sections are moderate or even
level, many parts are much steeper than 22%!

The upper portion of the Short Cut on Blue Ridge viewed from across
the canyon at Deer Horn Spring camp 3.

26 June 2004.

Photograph copyright © Gena Zolotar.
Used with permission.

Blue Ridge and the Short Cut viewed from across the Canyon
on Hobbs Road between junctions Middle Ridge Trail and Deer Horn Spring.

26 June 2004.

Photograph copyright © Gena Zolotar.
Used with permission.

Middle Fork Coyote Creek crossing at the base of the Short Cut (the steepest part
of Hobbs Road up Blue Ridge).

20 February 2004.

Photograph copyright © Joe Martinez.
Used with permission.

Blue Ridge from Middle Ridge, near the junction of Hobbs Road and Middle Ridge Trail.  Mount Sizer is the high point in the left third of the photo.  The Short Cut climbs up the middle of the slopes.

Photograph copyright © by Lee Dittmann.

Henry W. Coe State Park, California
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