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Carmel Valley, California
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Plants of Garland Park: Introduction

This is an illustrated annotated list of the vascular plants (those with a vascular conducting system: ferns and "fern allies" and seed plants) of Garland Ranch Regional Park located at the northern end of the Santa Lucia Range of the central California Coast Ranges.  It is based on the first plant list made shortly after the park was opened in 1975, by Dr. James R. Griffin, and expanded upon by myself in subsequent years.  Members of the California Native Plant Society have added additional species, some from the original 541 acre park and more from the numerous properties added since then.

Note that in the past, the thumbnail images linked to large image pages of each species shown.  However, I have removed these links since most of the images are of mediocre to poor quality and I need to conserve space on my server for other websites.  Perhaps at some future time I will live closer to the park once again and have time to create a new list with quality images, though this is not at all anticipated at present.

Last update: 12 July 2009

An asterisk (*) preceding a name designates a non-native (alien) species.

The annotated list itself is in the public domain.  
All photos copyright © Lee Dittmann.

Lee Dittmann

These pages are dedicated to the memory of Jeanne Bernier

For information on Garland Park, see the website of the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District.

Though this list is hosted on an unofficial Henry W. Coe State Park website, there is no connection between Coe State Park and Garland Ranch Regional Park.  It is here merely as a matter of convenience.

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