Vascular Plants of Henry W. Coe State Park, published by Mindbird Maps & Books

Pinus ponderosa
Ponderosa Pine; Western Yellow Pine

Habit, growing in groves.
Pure stands of Ponderosa Pine are unusual in Coe Park.  The trees in this image are
at the edge of one such stand.

Pine Ridge, northwest of Eric's Bench.

October 18, 1994.

Ponderosas mixed in with oaks and other broad-leaved trees.

Slopes north of Eric's Bench.

July 10, 1994

Habit, mature pine.
This distinctive individual, called Sada's Pine, is unusual in occuring
in an open field.

Arnold Field, Pine Ridge.

May 17, 1995.

Trunk of large tree, much younger individual in left background.

Summit of Pine Ridge, Monument Trail.

September 4, 1994.

Jigsaw pattern of bark on mature tree.
Not all ponderosas develop this pattern.

Along Monument Trail, Pine Ridge.

May 1, 1978.

Leaves and immature cones.
This tree was about 20 feet tall.

Pine Ridge, north of Eric's Bench.

July 10, 1994.

View up trunk of large specimen.

Pine Ridge, northwest of Eric's Bench.

October 18, 1994.

Habitat and habit.

Scattered pines on Pine Ridge as viewed south from Eric's Bench.

March 19, 1998.

All photos copyright © Lee Dittmann, except where otherwise noted.

See additional photos of Ponderosa Pines in part 2 of this section.

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