Photo Tour: Henry W. Coe State Park
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Pacheco Falls
& Wood Duck Pond

Pacheco Falls after a heavy rainstorm.

21 March 1995.

Photograph copyright © by Lee Dittmann.

Reflection of Fremont Cottonwood in pool below
Pacheco Falls.

This can be a nice pool to cool off in, but the sunfish
in it will nibble and nip at you!

21 November 1991.

Photograph copyright © by Lee Dittmann.

Cliff above Pacheco Falls.

25 November 1992.

Photograph copyright © by Lee Dittmann.

Wood Duck Pond along the trail to Pacheco Falls.

Burra Burra Peak in middle horizon.  Canyon of the North Fork Pacheco Creek
at middle left.

21 November 1991.

Photograph copyright © by Lee Dittmann.

Wood Duck Pond from trail to the west.  Pacheco Ridge runs across the
upper third of the image.  Walsh Peak is the high point at right on the next
ridge beyond.

29 April 2001.

Photo copyright © by Vincent von Kaenel, used with permission.

Canyon of the North Fork of Pacheco Creek, the rocky cleft which marks Pacheco Falls
prominent in center.  The white water of one of the cascades can be discerned.
Pacheco Ridge at right.

This view is through telephoto from Walsh Trail about a mile and a half to the southeast.

10 May 2005.

Photograph copyright © by Lee Dittmann.

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