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Henry Coe State Park protects over 86,000 acres of wildlands in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.
It is located southeast of San Jose (see map) in the Mount Hamilton Range, which separates Santa Clara Valley (a.k.a. "Silicon Valley") from the San Joaquin Valley.

It is a place of high ridges, separated by deep canyons; with hills of oak, pine, madrone, mazanita, and chamise; with seasonal streams and stock ponds; a place of remoteness and peace, yet so near to millions of people.

The author worked there for over nine years, and has gathered this collection of information, facts, and views in collaboration with other Coe Park friends to inspire you to visit the place and share in its wonders.  Please enjoy these "unofficial" Coe Park web pages.

—Lee Dittmann

The author has made a sincere effort to present the best and most accurate information and advice he knows in these pages about Henry W. Coe State Park.  The reader, however, is responsible for his or her own safety and well-being in using these materials in any and all situations.  This is an unofficial site with no connection to the State of California and California State Parks.
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