Wildlife of Henry W. Coe State Park
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Beechey Ground Squirrel
Spermophilus beecheyi

In Hunting Hollow.

3 July 2004.

Photograph copyright © by Gena Zolotar.
Used with permission.

Squirrel scratching;
detail from photo below.

Along Hobbs Road, Pine Ridge.

1 May 1978.

Photograph copyright © by Lee Dittmann.

Ground squirrels nest in burrows in the ground, but often frequent logs,
posts, trees, and other strategic high points where they can watch
for predators such as rattlesnakes, coyotes, and bobcats.

They are known to carry fleas (perhaps the reason this one is itching)
which sometimes harbor serious disease such as plague.

This is one reason why it is important not to feed squirrels, nor to leave food
where they can get to it.  When they lose their fear of humans they are more likely
to inhabit areas near humans, such as the campground, and thus become more
likely to spread disease.  Also, if a squirrel becomes used to people feeding it,
it can become overaggressive and may nip someone's fingers.  In such cases, the
squirrel would be destroyed.

Squirrels usually keep their distance at Coe, but is only a matter of time before
some populations start approaching humans for handouts.  It is in the ground
squirrels' own best interest that you enjoy their cuteness from a distance,
and not give yourself the ego-gratification of trying to feed them.

Further, when choosing a backpacking site, avoid any areas near ground squirrel
burrows, where you risk the possibility of flea-borne disease.

On rock next to ponderosa pine.

Photograph copyright © by Rosemary Rideout.
Used with permission.

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